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House in the Woods 2



The House in the Woods

by Nicholas Black


A few hours from now . . .

I glance around, crouching, “How long was I out for?”

“Just a few seconds,” she says.


Everything is dull white, and full of motion. The trees surrounding the clearing are getting pounded by powerful bursts of wind that seem to come from just about every direction. I feel like I’m at the center of a tornado and the wind can’t make up its mind. The tall dry grass is bending and rolling like water as the waves of air move around.

I can see the gravestones more clearly now, and there are lots of them. What I originally assumed to be fifty headstones is more like several hundred. This place is more than dead.

“Do we run?” I whisper to her. “What do we do?”

She holds up her little hands to pause me and then turns, her head slowly scanning the swaying grasses. “They’re out there. Something is out there.”

“Do they know we’re here?”

She glances at me momentarily, “No. Not yet.”

“How do you know?”

“We’d have been ripped apart if they did.”

She starts walking down the path, one little foot after the next, and for a second I don’t follow her because I’m waiting for her to pull me. My mind quickly recovers and I start moving.

“Get ready,” she loud whispers as her body lowers.

“Ready . . . to what?”

The gusting wind stops suddenly and everything is frozen and quiet like an old postcard. The grass is motionless. The trees are standing at attention. The clouds above are starting to turn a shade of burnt orange and my eyes are starting to sting. Even though I’m not at all cold, I’m sweating again and it’s running into my eyes.

I use my shirt to wipe my brow, blinking to get my eyes clear. We take a few steps and then the unnatural calm is broken by a high-pitch hissing sound that lasts for several seconds and then stops.


“Eddie?” Sam says anxiously while we both scan the tall grass for whatever it was making that noise.

“Yeah?” I mouthed.



“This isn’t the Hungry,” she whispers uncomfortably “. . . it’s something else.”

“What else is there?” I say, my mind trying to assign this new terror to it’s appropriate place in the food chain. “What do we—”

“Run!” she blurts. “Run now!!!”

(…More to come)


Haunted House in Los Angeles is “Hair Raising” experience:



New Video for:

Mental Training: The Art of Life and Death Decision Making


Trying a new experiment. Each day I’m going to read a few pages from See Jack Die and post them to YouTube. Here are the first few:

Intro Page on YouTube

See Jack Die (Page 1)

See Jack Die (Page 2)

See Jack Die (Page 3)


Just Received some cool new stuff. One is a video testimonial from Simon Mulder for Mental Training: The Art of Life and Death Decision Making. The second video is a little teaser for the Tinder Hack!

Mental Training: The Art of Life and Death Decision-Making

The Tinder Hack


So, I got to spend a great deal of time talking to a friend of mine who is in the field of Organ Transplant (Kidney, Liver, etc.) and I’ve been formulating an idea for a new book/feature based on some things that are happening around the world. Get on Google and check out what’s happening behind the scenes in the black and grey market organ transplant field . . . it’s creepy stuff, to be sure.

sodomy catBe prepared for some pretty riveting stuff in the near future. I’m thinking of serializing the project, and releasing chapters here, in regular intervals. Give me a few weeks to do my Google research, headshed with my contacts in the medical field, and I promise you that what comes of it will, at the least, be controversial, and if I’m lucky, will end me up on some NSA roundup lists . . . just kidding.


Also, Phillip and I are kicking around the basic outline for the TV pilot for “How My Gay Uncle F’ed Up Christmas: The legend of Sodomy Cat“. If you’re interested, check out the FIRST 100 PAGES!  It’s rather mature, in nature, so please read at your own risk!

Any ideas on who should play Gary???






Now you’re stuck in my head the way I am. Caged, if you will!

It’s interesting writing books, and then attempting to get them converted into Television. The scripting process is more mentally taxing than I first thought. Everything looks easy, right? I wonder if the guys who invented the Atom bomb sat back like, “Yes, ziss will be eazy. Just make zee atoms fuse…”

I started down the usual path last night for my research – Google, free stuff, which lead to movies and movie trailers, then I did a search for anything about ghost stories. Google analytics are cool because they allow you to keyword search, and since my ebooks are slowly on the crawl upwards I am always trying to find clever little ways to raise my exposure. (Note: I wrote a lot about that in my book, “How to write a Fiction novel in 30 days or less“)

Shameless Plug, yeah, yeah.

The idea being, if I can get people reading the books, it makes it less of a ‘sell’ to production people and agents to get behind the project. The romance is always better between a studio and a writer if there is already a decent amount of interest in your projects.

So that’s my missions. Use Google to find free ways to get in front of an audience who would love, or at least enjoy, my creepy and somewhat disturbing babble:)

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