See Jack Die

(Part 1 of 5)
by Nicholas Black
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Jack Pagan might as well be 4½ months old. He awoke in a hospital after suffering a head injury that left him dead for over 67 minutes. All of his long-term memories were destroyed. Now he has to start his life again. But his accidental flirt with death left him a special gift. In those few minutes as he fades off to sleep each night, and in those early hours of the morning as he numbly awakens… he sees them.

At first, the shadows would just stretch into strange shapes and forms. Jack thought that he was hallucinating. That his medication was playing with his vision. Then the strange shadows began to walk around, moving freely. Jack chalked it up to a brain tumor. Some disease in his cerebral cortex. Schizophrenia, even. Something he could live with.

Now these creatures are not only haunting his nights, but his days. And they have a tendency to show themselves around people who are about to die. Seeking help he turns to a psychic who gives him a very special book. A book that he was destined to find. Jack learns that the only way he will ever know about who he was, is to face his worst fears, and die . . . again.

In a series of incredible twists and turns, Jack finds out that the worlds of the living and of the dead are much closer than any of us can possibly imagine. And monsters . . . are real.



See Jack Hunt

(Part 2 of 5)
by Nicholas Black
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Jack Pagan is 6 ½ months old. After an accident, his past is lost, forever. But his injury left him with a special gift: He can walk among the dead. Not only that, but he can also see the shadow creatures that take the souls from earth to the Land of Sorrows. Known by its inhabitants as . . . Deadside.

He released 23 evil spirits onto the earth from this place of darkness beyond death. If left to their own devices, the 23 Evils will bring about a horrible change to the future of humanity. And their every breath challenges the forces of both good and evil.

Run, Jack, run.

In Ecuador, children are disappearing. And when bodies start turning up drained of their blood, Jack knows that it could be the work of the 23 Evils. Jack, Ricky, and Ms. Josephine start their new company, The After Life Group (ALG) to hunt down the escaped souls. But they are far from alone on this dangerous quest.

But finding the Evils is only the first part. He must bring them all back to their nightmares. He must become the monster he can’t remember. The murderer in his forgotten past. And to do it, he must cross between life and death, teaming up with the monsters that live in the shadows.

Follow Jack on an haunting adventure that will change the way you think about life and death, and challenge the world you thought you knew.
See Jack Hunt.


sodomy cat (new cover)How My Gay Uncle F’ed Up Christmas:

The Legend of Sodomy Cat
by Nicholas Black              
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The Legend of Sodomy CatIn this coming of age story a tragic accident leaves Trevor looking for a place to call home. And now that his parents are gone the only one he can turn to is his uncle Gary–the legendary fetish-porn producer.

Surrounded by new friends, a new school, and an environment that he could never have imagined, Trevor finds that the past he thought he knew was a well constructed lie.

Little by little, the disturbing truth is brought to the surface and he finds that guidance and understanding can come from the most unlikely of people. Just when he thinks he is getting his life back together, tragedy strikes again.

And then he is given the Diary.

Be warned–this story is not for the faint of heart. It is an incredible mix of mystery and comedy, turmoil and suspense. Sodomy Cat has a way of getting under your skin. It’ll knock on your door at 3 in the morning, sneak into your bedroom, and pull your panties down.



Three Wise Men
by Nicholas Black
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Peter, Brent, and Jay are like any honest, hardworking American serial killers until one day Brent starts having visions. Their clarity is so clear, their meaning so insightful, that there is no choice but to follow these jaded images . . . wherever that may take them.

Their path of enlightenment and violence takes them across the country as they search for meaning. And with each step they become more aware of what their true quest really is. They are destined to bring ‘gifts’ to the newborn King.

The world is about to change with the birth of a child unlike any other who has walked this earth in the last two-thousand years.  But his time has come.

Thousands of miles away, unknown to the three unlikely wise men, a secret organization has been conducting experiments known only to a few as, “The Nazareth Project.”

The paths that they cross, and the lives they touch, will be both dark and beautiful, forever changed by their actions.

In this epic journey, inspired by true events, the things we do, and the decisions we make, will be seen through the eyes of three men who lurk among us . . . watching, waiting, and desperately hungry.


Chasing Darkness front cover

Chasing Darkness (Part 1 of 3)
by Jill Falter & Nicholas Black
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Muriel Chase is like any other young woman who’s 17th birthday is just weeks away. Her life is simple: she likes going to the beach, she enjoys working out, she loves to go shopping with her mom . . . and she hunts demons. As part of a secret group, she is sent around the world to face the demons that are so dangerous that even the Vatican can’t handle them.

Along the way to learning the secrets of the fight against true evil, she meets Michael – her protector, sworn to keep her safe. As they start to fall for each other, their world is turned upside down by monsters and evil creatures lurking in the darkness.

But Muriel has a very dark secret, and if discovered, it could threaten more than just her relationship with Michael . . . but all of humanity.




chasigndaylight 2

Chasing Daylight

(Part 2 of 3)

by Jill Falter & Nicholas Black

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Demon Hunter Muriel Chase is back in her second adventure. This time she must escape the prison buried deep beneath the Vatican and try to figure out why people all over the world are suddenly being possessed by demons… almost as if there is some kind of evil epidemic.

She will form unexpected alliances and trace evil back to its source… a dark place long forgotten, inhabited by the most evil creature in the universe.

Muriel and Michael race against time, knowing that failure could bring about the end of humanity as we know it.

Muriel’s investigation leads her to a horrible truth that could destroy her, and end all of our chances for survival.

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