About Nick


His Name is  Nicholas Black.

He was raised in the jungles by wolves and ninjas – that can’t be factually verified, of course.

Now for the truth:

Nick is a former member of the US NAVY and the French Foreign Legion. He fought professionally in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and won two world titles in the process. He’s done stunts with Chuck Norris (Walker: Texas Ranger), defused explosives, hit targets at +1,000 meters, made America’s Most Wanted list, worked with “Freeway” Ricky Ross, co-written with Jimmy DaSaint, and met the Prime Minister of Pakistan (while he was on the run from the Pakistani Government).

He’s written about 20 books, most of them while on the run from the US Government.

About his past:

Nick used to be a professional bodyguard. Some of his clients were the fancy Hollywood types; and others were the East Coast Mobster kind. One of his clients in particular was a former Hitman, and hired him after he had put his assassination days behind him . . . or so Nick believed.

The US Government took Nick, along with the other bodyguards, into custody. They began asking if Nick and his crew had knowledge  of their Boss’s previous hits. They said, “No,” and immediately  lawyered-up. After they were released on bond the bodyguards all gathered up and decided that the best course of action was to simply disappear.

2 days later Nick was gone.

Several months later he ended up in Paris, signing a contract with the French Foreign Legion. He trained in everything from Interrogation, Diving, Small unit Counter-terrorism tactics, and all the uglier sides of warfare that decent people don’t care to discuss. He learned French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic in the process.

. . . Oh, and he also learned how much money there was to be made in the Mercenary Trade.

Anyway, most of his literary works were created while he was on the run from INTERPOL, dodging cops and bullets and ex-girlfriends (by comparison, the first two were relatively easy).

Nick writes lots of dark, twisted, morosely humorous things. He likes thrillers, suspense, crime, and baby ducks (on a bed of white rice, of course . . . jk).

…I hope you enjoy my work. Oddly, writing seems fairly easy. Editing, well that’s for educated, buttoned-down types . . . and that’s not me.” (Nicholas Black)

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Nick and Chuck Norris working together on “Walker: Texas Ranger”

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